Most Mothers Don’t Have Life Insurance Says Study

It may sound like a stay at home wife/mother is unemployed and doing nothing all day. The fact is nowhere near it. A mother is nanny, child-minder, cook, cleaner, maintenance person, teacher and therapist all in one. There is no one person who can replace the role of a mother in a family other than your mom.

And yet, according to a study published by LIMRA, a global research, consulting & professional improvement organization, a father is most likely to have life insurance than mother. Study finds that too many women remain uninsured. This would mean that families are taking a big risk with the welfare of their members should something happen to the mother.

familyIf she cannot provide all those services anymore the whole family would suffer from it. Death of a mother in a family is probably more devastating than a father. Number of uninsured women is much higher in less developed countries. This may not be a surprise since number of life insurance policies sold per thousand people would be much lower as well.

Life insurance is a simple policy that can provide enough cash for the remaining spouse to survive after the death of the other. It can replace the lost salary or provide for childcare. The first objection would be about the costs and how a family that is struggling to pay the bills would find the extra money for life insurance. This is a legitimate concern.

However there are many different types of life insurance and ways of setting it up. For example, you can set up a decreasing life insurance when the costs are the main concern. This way, you would have a much bigger coverage when the children are young and family needs much more care. And it would gradually decrease as the children grow and can manage on their own.

Many people have various defenses against buying life insurance coverage. One of the most common one is that they think they are young and it is unlikely that one of them is going to die. But death is indiscriminate and age has got nothing to do with it. Nobody has a guarantee how long they are going to live. The risk with this line of thinking is that if the health of one of the spouse deteriorate it can become impossible to get life insurance. Then, you are really stuck and cannot do anything about it.

There is no doubt children need their mother and father and no money can replace it. However, leaving everything to faith isn’t a smart solution in a society where other solutions are available to people, like life insurance.

Car Surfing and Teenager Automobile Insurance Costs

Thrill-seeking teenagers are making what’s known as “car surfing” a rather more commonplace incident on roads, and comparable to skateboarding teenagers using a “half-pipe” without a helmet, but the activity can end in catastrophe.

Watching a favorite movie star in a film hold onto the side of an automobile in an escape attempt or deadly stunt can be exciting for anyone. In fact, the action should include a “do not attempt” alert, because teenagers are climbing onto vehicles and holding on for their lives, and part of this comes from the “Reality TV Shows” that everyone is enamored with.

Car surfing is when teenagers ride on the roof or hood of a moving car, while somebody else is driving, however, when the car stops or breaks suddenly the “car-surfer” can lose balance and fall ending in catastrophe.  Some of the common injuries include concussions, broken bones, road rash from coarse highways, and sudden death.

Most teenagers are impressed by similar stunts they have seen on television, at the movie theater, or by beginners posting videos on YouTube and other websites.  Most teenagers involved in this dangerous activity do it for glamor and prestige in front of their friends and some do it because of peer pressure, attempting to achieve the “badge of honor” among school friends.

Car surfing isn’t new, it was first televised in the movie “Teen-Wolf” with Michael J. Fox in 1985, however with the influence of reality TV and internet medium You-Tube, many young adults are engaging in this activity and parents have to take precaution.

Car Surfing has definitely made a significant impact in car insurance rates for teenagers because they are viewed as high risk.  In particular, the States which are affected the most are the West Coast States such as California, Oregon, and Washington State. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about car surfing, texting while driving, or putting too many passenger in a vehicle, whatever the activity is, insurance companies are grouping young drivers who are susceptible to taking risks in or out of the car.

Implications of car surfing is devastating when you take a look at the statistics.  At least ninety percent of young drivers died or sustained major head injuries in accident they were car surfing.  Of the head injuries, over fifty percent of those cases resulted in deaths, and from 1990, there were reported approximately 60 plus cases and by the year 2009, there have been hundreds of car surfing cases reported in over 30 states across the U.S.

This is a huge concern for most car insurers since car surfing is not something that is mentioned in car insurance premiums.  Many teenagers who have suffered permanent injuries have tried to reach out to other young drivers.

A few think tanks have looked into the ages of those concerned in car surfing and found the average age of people hurt from car surfing is 17.1 years of age. The most often-injured group is teenage males age fifteen to nineteen. The invincibility factor is huge, and in children, it is very robust in the sense that they don’t see this as ever occurring to them, they are smarter than the “average Joe” and they simply don’t think about dying.  When people survive, head wounds can bring about loss of memory, behavior issues, partial brain death and paralysis.

Car surfing is not as common as other risks, for example, texting, which have led to new laws to keep drivers safe. Safe driving advocates and insurance firms inspire parents to speak with their kids, pay attention to what they are watching on television, and realize the internet is full of contributing influence to teenager’s erratic behavior.

Many claim that insurance companies are going to raise premiums for known teenagers engaged in car surfing and the worst result for parents which refuse to pay attention, the insurer could cancel the policy.

Senior Driving and Keeping Cheap Car Insurance Rates

How auto insurers perceive a driver group affects the premiums charged. Younger drivers are always considered to be very high risk based on statistical evidence that they cause a lot more accidents. Until they can prove that they are more responsible than their age group they are likely to face similar high rates.

Statistical evidence is against younger and older drivers. They cause more accidents below 25 and above 70 years old. It is probably upsetting to be treated like a teenager again after all those years of driving. When it comes to insuring an automobile it is not personal. Companies will use every means available to them to assess the risk of paying a claim.

However, senior drivers would want to keep their cheap rates that have taken years to bring down. Probably there are many other things they want to be doing with money now that they have more time in hand. So, they need to fend off high costs quotes if they still want to keep driving. It would be shame to pay higher premiums just because they are older. You can find more online cheap car insurance resources to help you.

Auto insurers probably have a point when they are concerned about the risks older drivers possess. There is no point in denying what nature is doing to you. The best way is to stay safe by keep adopting to the changes and finding ways of coping with whatever difficulties you are facing with.

There are many people driving happily well over the age of seventy five. One serious difference between the younger and older drivers is that older ones can police themselves effectively and find simple solutions. Many senior drivers prefer not to travel long distances, at night, during rush hours. These choices reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident.

There are a few things an elder motorist could do to improve the road safety. Every driver should regularly check their eye sight. At later years, you should do this more frequently. At least once a year check-ups will be essential. Should you need glasses, it is better to have at least two pairs and keep one in the car all the time, just in case you forget to bring the one you use every day.

Secondly, keeping a regular exercise routine will help you maintain reflexes in good shape. This is one of the reasons why rates increase as the age progress. Only few seconds delay in responding to a danger will be enough to cause an accident. Furthermore, it will take much longer to recover from injuries when your body is not strong enough.

Join a driving course specially designed for older motorists. These are good way of seeing where you are going wrong. They will highlight the common problems and teach you how to deal with them. It can be hard to see your shortcomings on your own. That is why you should take an independent and professional view.

Also, picking a senior driver friendly car will help you in many ways. Just adjusting your seat properly will improve your control of the vehicle a lot. Besides, safer cars will reduce the possible injuries in an accident. Moreover, you may need to modify the vehicle to suit your particular needs.

Most people are worried that they will lose their independence at old age if they cannot drive any more. Apart from physical difficulties financial hardship can prevent people from keeping an automobile at hand. Having one or two avoidable accidents may be enough to make the car insurance costs too high for you.

Staying on top of issues and taking preventative measures will keep the accidents and senior auto insurance premiums at minimum. Besides, you have to think about other people you may cause injuries. Just when you can take it easy you do not want to spend time in hospitals and deal with consequences of accidents.

What Does your Car Insurance Policies Covers?

If you are paying for something shouldn’t you know what it is for? You don’t just buy auto insurance coverage so that you can get a piece paper to show to a police officer who stopped you. It is a lot more than that and you are the initiator of this cover. You tell the companies what you want in your package and they prepare and sell it to you. Just like ordering a meal in a restaurant. They don’t just rustle something up for you but they prepare what you want to eat.

So, what can buy from auto insurers? You need to have a look at your driving habits and decide the type of risks you want to be insured for. There are a few areas to consider and those will be discussed below in detail.

auto insuranceDrivers: You want to make sure that every person who drives your automobile insured under your policy. There are two types of drivers. Listed drivers are the ones who live with you in the same house or have a regular access to your automobile. You need to tell about them to your carrier by name and they need to be put on your policy. The second group is occasional drivers who once in a while may get the chance to drive it. These are not planned and happens on an off chance. You need to make sure that your policy includes them as well.

Liabilities: As the owner you will be responsible for any damages caused to other people by your car regardless of you driving it or not. Therefore, you should buy sufficient liabilities vehicle insurance to pay for those claims against you as the owner. You are forbidden to drive a vehicle that doesn’t have at least liabilities cover. Your car may be confiscated and you be made to pay high penalties if you get caught.

Damages: You invested a lot of money on your car and you want protection against the damages you may suffer as a result of a crash, falling threes, flying bricks, thieves and vandals. You can achieve this aim by buying collision and comprehensive coverage. Together they will offer good protection for you and your investment. Otherwise, you will have to pay for all the repairs and find money to buy another one if it is totaled.

Injuries: There are two group of injuries. The ones you caused to other people and this is covered under your liabilities coverage. And the ones suffered by you and your family members. You will need to think if you have health insurance to pay for the injuries suffered by your family in a traffic accident. If you do, you may not need to buy another cover. Otherwise, you should consider personal injury protection.

Recovery: This may not be considered as an insurance item but it is part of driving and owning an automobile. You need to think what would happen if you were to break down on your way to somewhere. Who is going to come and rescue you if any? You can buy a recovery service contract from your insurer or a third party provider.

Exhaust System & their Impact on Auto Insurance

It may appear to be one of the simplest parts in a vehicle. What is it if not a piping system to get rid of smoke created by the engine burning petrol, right? They can be built crudely under your automobile. Or they can be used as accessory for it. There are so many different types as many as the central heating pipes at homes. And they have a few specialist fitters in any town.

If you are looking for a simple replacement it is easy to get it done. They are regularly changed and fixed. They may have a hole in them easily. Since they are under the vehicle they can get damaged and corroded quickly that require attention. You normally know if there is something wrong with them. They start making noises or letting excessive smoke that bothers you. Then, all you need to do is to pull over one of the part providers and get it fixed. A straight forward swap shouldn’t cause any concern and it is not usually expensive.

car exhaustWhen automobiles are being modified exhaust system gets a make over as well. If you replace the engine in your car to a more powerful one you need to replace the exhaust system as well to cope with high level of smoke. They can cost you a little money or a lot depending on the type of material you go. They can be made of tin or chrome depending on your taste and specifications.

If you ever make modifications on your auto, including exhaust system you should talk to your insurer. Actually, it is better to talk to them well in advance and get their opinion. If you feel like your insurer doesn’t like what you are planning you may need to find an alternative provider. You should be prepared for these changes and possible premium variations. It is more likely that you will need to pay a bit more in most cases when the standard exhaust is taken out and a modified version is fixed in its place.

Generally, insurers have a distaste for changes on automobiles. They like things to be simple and straightforward. When you get extras fitted in the factory they will not have much problems but they don’t like modifications done by third party mechanics and enthusiasts. So much so that they may not offer you discounts for security and safety features fitted outside other than the original manufacturer.

You may have other problems with the choice of exhaust systems you like to fit on your car. There are two main problems. One of them is the noise pollution. People get impressed with the noisy automobiles but their neighbors will not be impressed as much especially if you drive them early in the morning or late at night.

The second issue is the air pollution. When cars are made they follow certain environmental scrutiny required  by laws and industry standards. When you make modifications you may be breaking the laws and bylaws by not following strict guidelines. In other words, you car can become more hazardous for the environment after you make the changes. These changes may result in more traffic violations tickets. And consequently higher car insurance rates.