Exhaust System & their Impact on Auto Insurance

It may appear to be one of the simplest parts in a vehicle. What is it if not a piping system to get rid of smoke created by the engine burning petrol, right? They can be built crudely under your automobile. Or they can be used as accessory for it. There are so many different types as many as the central heating pipes at homes. And they have a few specialist fitters in any town.

If you are looking for a simple replacement it is easy to get it done. They are regularly changed and fixed. They may have a hole in them easily. Since they are under the vehicle they can get damaged and corroded quickly that require attention. You normally know if there is something wrong with them. They start making noises or letting excessive smoke that bothers you. Then, all you need to do is to pull over one of the part providers and get it fixed. A straight forward swap shouldn’t cause any concern and it is not usually expensive.

car exhaustWhen automobiles are being modified exhaust system gets a make over as well. If you replace the engine in your car to a more powerful one you need to replace the exhaust system as well to cope with high level of smoke. They can cost you a little money or a lot depending on the type of material you go. They can be made of tin or chrome depending on your taste and specifications.

If you ever make modifications on your auto, including exhaust system you should talk to your insurer. Actually, it is better to talk to them well in advance and get their opinion. If you feel like your insurer doesn’t like what you are planning you may need to find an alternative provider. You should be prepared for these changes and possible premium variations. It is more likely that you will need to pay a bit more in most cases when the standard exhaust is taken out and a modified version is fixed in its place.

Generally, insurers have a distaste for changes on automobiles. They like things to be simple and straightforward. When you get extras fitted in the factory they will not have much problems but they don’t like modifications done by third party mechanics and enthusiasts. So much so that they may not offer you discounts for security and safety features fitted outside other than the original manufacturer.

You may have other problems with the choice of exhaust systems you like to fit on your car. There are two main problems. One of them is the noise pollution. People get impressed with the noisy automobiles but their neighbors will not be impressed as much especially if you drive them early in the morning or late at night.

The second issue is the air pollution. When cars are made they follow certain environmental scrutiny required  by laws and industry standards. When you make modifications you may be breaking the laws and bylaws by not following strict guidelines. In other words, you car can become more hazardous for the environment after you make the changes. These changes may result in more traffic violations tickets. And consequently higher car insurance rates.