Going through a Divorce & Auto Insurance Implications

When you are going through a divorce auto insurance may be the last thing in your mind. Nevertheless, it is one of the things you have to deal with in time. When people marry they start putting all your finances together and this will normally include automobiles and insuring them jointly or under one policy.

Usually, you may be advised to do this to save money or avoid arranging separate cover for every one of them. You will need to go onto your partners policy and he/she goes on yours regardless of how you arrange cover. This is one of the conditions most insurers will impose on you.

auto insurance after divorceDivorce is a mechanism that breaks this togetherness in many ways and it applies to your policies as well as your assets. First you may need to decide who keeps what cars and where the teenagers in driving age start residing after separation. The choices made will affect the policies naturally. But there is no need to worry about it is not something you cannot sort.

First, you will need to look into arranging your separate policy now that your partner is not living with you. This could lower or increase your premium depending on how was your ex’s and your driving history and what was the arrangement. Sometimes a partner with good driving records may help the other find decent premium.

One of the main concerns may be how the teenage drivers will be insured after separation. General rule is that they are insured by the parent who has the custody of them. But this is not straight forward anymore with the ways parents can arrange custody. Since they are now teens it may be arranged loosely rather than giving full control to one parent.

This could complicate things. They may be insured by the policies of both parents if they are sleeping in both houses and driving the cars owned by mother as well as the father. The best thing may be to explain how the driving and sleeping arrangements are and let your broker or agent come up with a solution.

You will need the company about the level of access you afford to your children over your cars. It is possible that children may get more than they bargained for from a divorce financially. They may get their own cars thanks to mother and father feeling guilty about the separation. If this is the case, you may have to buy them separate policies. And you don’t need to worry about them driving your car or going onto your policy as long as they have their own cars and insurance.

However, it is better to be open about the situation and talk to your insurer. Not telling them anything may not be a solution. If you explain clearly that your children occasionally sometimes stay with you they will take this into account when they are calculating the premium. Since they have their own automobiles and not full time resident at your home you may be able to get away with slight extra premium charge.

Safe Driver Courses Qualify You for Insurance Discounts

When you are a teenage driver you see that auto insurers don’t fancy young drivers. They consider teenagers as high risk and they are probably right. You have no or little experience behind the wheel and there are other justifications as well. For example, you are more daring than a mature driver and not realize the dangers you are getting yourself into. You will get over this period and see your rates dropping rapidly.

However, this high rates may come back as you get older and you may want to deal with them again. Drivers over certain age are considered high risk as well. When you are over 70 you may see your premium start going up again. This may be earlier than 70 with some companies. Then, you have to find another way of cutting the cost of insuring your automobiles.

courses for older motoristsLuckily, most states allow special discounts for motorists who have passed save driver courses. These savings are mostly available to drivers over the age of fifty and in some places over fifty five years old. One or two states may allow discounts for motorists as young as twenty five. On average you can claim about ten percent savings once you complete your training.

Safe driving training is available from local authorities and independent bodies in most places and they cost between $100 – $200. You will get your money back and more almost instantly with the premium reductions. Furthermore, you will keep getting these discounts years that it makes extra valuable. Total savings could easily reach to thousands before you quit driving all together.

Other motorists who wants to save can take different type of course. They come under various names like driver improvement courses and advance driver licenses. Even the young drivers can manage to bring their premium down if they can pass advance driver license tests. Considering you are young the savings can be appreciated in your whole life.

Some car insurance companies may have online tests for you to show off your driving knowledge. If you take the test and pass you may qualify discounts. The problem is that your rates may go up if you fail. So, where possible you should take independently offered tests and show your certificate to any insurer you choose to work with.

Further advantages of taking these courses and improving your driving is pretty obvious. You become a better driver and avoid accidents. This way you would avoid all the aggravations of facing injuries, dealing with claims and getting repairs done to your automobile. Having accidents is never fun and sometimes can even ruin your life. So, think about the benefits of sitting down for a day or so and learning how to detect hazards and avoid them.

Having less or no car crashes would bring your premium further down and keep them there at the low end of rates. It really is worth considering improving your skills behind the steering wheel regardless of your age and vehicle insurance prices you get charged. The benefits will be even higher when you don’t seem to be able to stay out of trouble with accidents.

Finding Cheaper Insurance to Protect a Vehicle

There are at least thousand different ways of insuring your automobiles. You can go online, offline, direct, choose the most exclusive or bare bone policies. Each choice you make determines how good your coverage is and how expensive the premium. We don’t mean to scare you. But we want you to think more about how you will make sure you are protected well without opening a big whole in your wallet.

The problem with many people is that they are doing things for the wrong reasons. For example, they are lazy to go and get alternative auto insurance quotes when their policies are due for renewal. Instead of calling it as it is, they call it loyalty to their current providers. The same people go back and cheap on their wives and husbands or steal from their employers. Sorry, for the direct talk but you cannot be as daring as possible in your life and be a chicken when it comes to auto insurance.

expensive automobilesYou have got to look after your own interest when the time comes and get a few quotations. If you are lazy admit it and get a broker to have a look at your options. They will be able to check it pretty quickly for you and even offer advises as to which company can serve your needs better. Furthermore, you help them earn a little commission out of serving you. Everybody wins except the expensive insurers who were hoping you remain lazy a few years more.

Are you really not interested in saving money at all? You are interested in all sorts of things and the internet brings the knowledge home. If you are bored one day and don’t know what to do, why don’t you get online and check how much you can save on your auto insurance? After all there are all sorts cute girls and lizards telling you to save money every day through your television set. Maybe they are right. Won’t you want to find out?

Online quote platforms and forms are really easy to go through. You will need to fill a few details about yourself, driving history, the other drivers you want to include in your policy and vehicles. Then they calculate your  premium in a second as soon as your push the get quote button. You will find out in no time how much you can save.

The savings can be a lot more than usual when you are considered to be high premium chargeable client. A few companies don’t like complicated risks. They would rather charge you a lot more than getting it wrong and ending up losing a lot of money on you. This is the case when you are young, have had one or two accidents recently and don’t really have a clean driving record.

Those people need to work harder to find a company that looks at them kindly. Not every company can afford to say no to a new customer and they would be willing to take a chance. When you are paying thousands of dollars a year on auto insurance a little rate cuts would mean a lot of dollars.

Language Barrier with Auto Insurance Quotes?

We live in a culturally diverse nation in this wast country. Most Americans have a deep ancestral history. Some people never look back and just call themselves American while a few others still proud to belong to thousands of years old cultures. When you are born in the country you probably know no difference and start talking English. A few people arrives later and learn the language.

However, we have large communities that still prefer to talk a different language as a means of communications. Some are multi-lingual and some are more comfortable with another language than English. Those people may be living in communities that can serve that in their preferred language.

quotationsNot being fluent in English is no excuse not to find the services, products and information you need. Quite a few brokers speak several different languages and a few exclusively work with communities with ethnic background. Your first step may be to seek out of those agents and intermediary service providers. The benefits of finding an independent broker is that he/she will be your guide to going through all of the companies selling insurance products in your states. They will be able to shop and compare for you. Moreover, they will explain the differences, benefits and downsides of each product. So, you can get fully informed and have it in your preferred language.

If you prefer you can go alone and get your auto insurance quotes online as well. There are a few sites that offer translation services or you can use third party translation of the websites. You may be able to find a few sites that are run by people who speak the language you prefer. The choices are out there if you want to find them out.

Also, many companies have different language options especially Spanish. You have probably heard these options several times and used them. The same is available from auto insurers and other companies that selling policies. You just need to search and find the companies that are offer multi-languages for foreign language speakers. Considering the number of people with different mother tongue this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Practically, Spanish is the first language in parts of the country.

Make sure you take full advantage of facilities available to you. When you want to find out and help yourself you will see that help is available. Depending on your language skills you can have a go and try to get quotes online. The information required is pretty basic and you can get by without technical knowledge or advanced English. The thing is that you will still have much more choices if you are working in this language.

Once you pin down the companies with the cheapest rates you know where you are and who to contact. You can call their telephone helpline and ask to speak in Spanish when you have a question. You don’t even need to have a question. You may be more comfortable if someone goes over the coverage details in your language before you take out your wallet.

Car Insurance & Accident Repairs

Auto insurers rely on accident repair data center to find out if a vehicle has been involved in an accident and fixed. It doesn’t matter that there was a claim or the owner had it fixed out of the pocket. There are a few ways to find out about the crashes. The data center collects data from police, insurance and other possible sources.

There are several uses of the information gathered here for the insurance companies. First of all, they want to find out about claims that their applicant has not mentioned. They will have to check back with the client and ask explanation before they can accept the risk. They don’t potentially want to deal with a policyholder who is not straight with them.

Auto repairs and insuranceThey need the correct information to be able to charge the right premium for every risk. Otherwise, they will be losing out on millions of dollars additional premiums. Furthermore, they would be accepting risks that they wouldn’t otherwise be comfortable with. So, it is expected that they carry out their own searches and make sure cars insured hasn’t had damages and repairs.

This knowledge of repairs serve a second purpose. Insuring a perfectly operation vehicle is different from insuring one that has been fixed after a large accident. When the cars are made in the factories they can be built to a certain standard. However, getting them re-built following a crash is totally different story for many reasons.

For once they cannot be sure that the work had be done professionally and the car is as good as before. If there are issues with an automobile that means they are higher risk than a typical one. They can give in easier in case of crashes and cause a lot more injuries to passengers. This would mean a larger than normal claim payments for the firms covering them.

The second problem is that the mechanical faults can be the main reason for the accident. If the car gives in on the highway and starts a big accident they company will have to face a large bill. When so many parts has been replaced reliability of a vehicle can be questionable in many ways.

Are the mechanics who fixed it qualified enough to do a goo job? Did they use original parts or use after-market parts? They can sometimes even use second hand parts from scrap yard to do repairs that would otherwise be uneconomical. When owner is paying he/she may agree to less than satisfactory solutions for financial reasons.

That is why companies would want a little bit more risk premium when they discover that an automobile has had major repairs done to it. Actually, the owner may not even know about those fixes. There are many people including body repair shops who fix cars and sell them without telling the buyer where they have been.

You will have to get used car reports before agreeing to buy on the second hand market. There are many people who don’t care what happens to these vehicles and their owners. You don’t want to end up with a lemon and you certainly don’t want to end up in an accident with it.