What Does your Car Insurance Policies Covers?

If you are paying for something shouldn’t you know what it is for? You don’t just buy auto insurance coverage so that you can get a piece paper to show to a police officer who stopped you. It is a lot more than that and you are the initiator of this cover. You tell the companies what you want in your package and they prepare and sell it to you. Just like ordering a meal in a restaurant. They don’t just rustle something up for you but they prepare what you want to eat.

So, what can buy from auto insurers? You need to have a look at your driving habits and decide the type of risks you want to be insured for. There are a few areas to consider and those will be discussed below in detail.

auto insuranceDrivers: You want to make sure that every person who drives your automobile insured under your policy. There are two types of drivers. Listed drivers are the ones who live with you in the same house or have a regular access to your automobile. You need to tell about them to your carrier by name and they need to be put on your policy. The second group is occasional drivers who once in a while may get the chance to drive it. These are not planned and happens on an off chance. You need to make sure that your policy includes them as well.

Liabilities: As the owner you will be responsible for any damages caused to other people by your car regardless of you driving it or not. Therefore, you should buy sufficient liabilities vehicle insurance to pay for those claims against you as the owner. You are forbidden to drive a vehicle that doesn’t have at least liabilities cover. Your car may be confiscated and you be made to pay high penalties if you get caught.

Damages: You invested a lot of money on your car and you want protection against the damages you may suffer as a result of a crash, falling threes, flying bricks, thieves and vandals. You can achieve this aim by buying collision and comprehensive coverage. Together they will offer good protection for you and your investment. Otherwise, you will have to pay for all the repairs and find money to buy another one if it is totaled.

Injuries: There are two group of injuries. The ones you caused to other people and this is covered under your liabilities coverage. And the ones suffered by you and your family members. You will need to think if you have health insurance to pay for the injuries suffered by your family in a traffic accident. If you do, you may not need to buy another cover. Otherwise, you should consider personal injury protection.

Recovery: This may not be considered as an insurance item but it is part of driving and owning an automobile. You need to think what would happen if you were to break down on your way to somewhere. Who is going to come and rescue you if any? You can buy a recovery service contract from your insurer or a third party provider.